Regal Hill Water Supply

The sub-division of Regal Hill was developed in 1991. The Shire of Toodyay encumbered the Developer to supply an alternate source of water for building and for fire fighting. The subdivision was zoned special rural residential, and clearing of vegetation was restricted. A reservoir (Dam) was installed, the equipment to be maintained by the property owners and kept as a non-potable (not suitable for drinking) water supply for all lot owners. Pumping stations and pipes to the entrance of each allotment were laid underground ready for connection to new homes.

Lot 270 Red Brook Circle
Lot 270 Red Brook Circle

Lot 273 Red Brook Circle
Lot 273 Red Brook Circle

Lot 206 Red Brook Circle
Regal Hill, Morangup
Western Australia 6083

The Association

The Regal Hill Water Supply Inc (a not-for-profit association) was duly formed to maintain and monitor the water supply by the owners on a volunteer basis. Upon purchase of the property each lot owner automatically becomes a member and part owners of the Water Supply System.
Lot 206 is where the Dam is situated.
Lot 270 is located at the top of the hill where a 91,000 litre holding tank and an auxiliary pumping station is located.
Lot 273 at the end of Brook Close, next to the creek, is a small block of land with a pumping station. We source the water from the creek which flows past the south east section of the sub-division.


A new Committee is elected by members at the Annual General Meeting consisting of: Chairperson, Vice chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and 4 to 6 Committee members. The AGM is usually held early August of each year at the Morangup Community Hall, Wallaby Way, Morangup.
All committee positions are voluntary. Monthly meetings are usually held at one of the committee members homes on the second Monday of each month at 7.30 pm and notice is given via the blackboard at the entry to the sub-division. All residents are welcome to attend.


To pay for the electricity and maintenance of the water supply an annual fee of $400 pa applies, that figure may be increased according to CPI at the AGM each year, determined by membership vote.


 Acting President Gail Twomey 9572 9089 
 Secretary Charlene Clarke 9572 9569 
 Treasurer Sue Lawrence 9572 9393 
 Maintenance Bill Holt 0419 023 339 
John Morrell
Jo Kuiper
Sue Lawrence
9572 9272 / 0417 934 267 
0429 991 599 
9572 9393 / 0439 795 331 
 Life Member Hank van Oyen 9572 9023