• Because of the water supply each property on this estate has an additional property sales value of approximately $4000 plus.
  • When building, each property has access to a water supply.
  • Members save the cost of expensive drilling for water.
  • Living in Regal Hill is quiet and beautiful, most residents keep to themselves so it is difficult to get to know your neighbour in the traditional sense. However with contact through the Association you can access vital information about our local facilities, including local contractors and services, which may mean big savings on metro deliveries etc.
  • Each member receives up to 2000 litres of water daily. This is ample for the upkeep of a large garden, the septics and a few animals. If you have a holding tank, you would probably only need to fill it once or twice weekly.
    The holding tank must have a float valve fitted. The larger your holding tank, the bigger your reserve at the end of summer or in the event of breakdowns on your equipment or that of the water supply.
    Your holding tank will automatically be topped up on a daily basis.

Lot 206 Red Brook Circle
Regal Hill, Morangup
Western Australia 6083
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